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you’ll break

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Alyssa Dinowitz, FOUNDER of Athletes Yoga

Alyssa was introduced to sun salutations and meditation at the young age of nine. Then abandoning yoga for a few years, Alyssa was the typical self-described “gym rat” taking boxing, spinning and running. However, Alyssa began to notice unremitting knee problems. After trying many options, she only found remedy by taking yoga classes at Equinox with Michael Lechoznak, and this experience changed her life.

Her professional journey with yoga began ten years ago in New York. After continuously reading about major league athletes whose injuries might have easily been prevented with yoga – and having experienced yoga as a remedy first-hand – Alyssa was inspired to create Athletes Yoga. It didn’t take long before Alyssa drastically changed the lives and careers of many athletes for the better. She creates personalized solutions for athletes to enhance their muscle flexibility and inhibit sports injuries. She also discovered that many of the injuries were caused by the lack of core strength and muscle flexibility, hence the company’s motto, “If you don’t bend, you’ll break!”

Sports Rehabilitation

Alyssa also believes in the knowledge medicine can offer to an athlete’s rehabilitation, and gets the blessing for all her yoga routines from one of the finest orthopedic surgeons she knows – her husband Dr. Marc Dinowitz, who treats many of the Chicago Cubs players, among others. Their expertise comes together to form a valuable tool in helping athletes prevent injuries, by configuring appropriate yoga poses targeting the muscle groups most vital to the athlete and their sport.

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Athletes Yoga Trainers

Athletes Yoga is an active supporter of a number of charitable causes. Alyssa and Athletes Yoga regularly donate time and monetary contributions to non-profit organizations such as Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Arizona Kidney Foundation, Homeward Bound and Arizona State University’s Fine Arts College.

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